I’m a recent graduate of Appalachian State University.  I completed two B.A.s, one in Anthropology (applied concentration) and one in Art (interdisciplinary concentration).  My major project, aside from this blog, was my Honors thesis “Seeing India: A Hyperreal Yoga Fantasy,” which ethnographically explores how a local yoga studio represents India.  It questions ideas of legitimacy, authority, and authenticity in cultural representation and the production of knowledge through a focus on visuality.  I am also a yoga student and teacher (RYT 200) myself, integrating practices of mindfulness and heartfulness into my classes to promote a happier and engaged life.  Other than school, yoga, and writing, which seem to take up most of my time (and I’m okay with that), I love animals, vegan cooking, and exploring the beautiful mountains I’m lucky enough to get to call home.